Our biggest mistake: Trusting Glenn Watson.

This is the story of our nightmare with Glenn Watson
and his company: Georgian Bay Homes.

Glenn Watson breached his own contract, is keeping
our $224,617.67 deposit and does not communicate
with us anymore to offer us a settlement.

We will have to go to court to get our money back.

Full story below

Glenn Watson, CEO of Georgian Bay Homes and Renovations

This is a review of our terrible experience with Glenn Watson and his company Georgian Bay Homes


Unfortunately, we did the mistake to trust Glenn Watson the owner of Georgian Bay Homes and Renovations (or Georgian Bay Homes, same company) and Jonathon Morris, his sidekick.

Read our story below. Do not let this happen to you. We would not recommend you to sign a contract with him. We do not think that you should trust a single word of what he says.

Unlike what he states on his website, a Tarion representative told me that he has not renewed his Tarion licence.

We made an official complaint with the Ontario HCRA.

We want them to remove his building licence.

We think that he lied to us and told us just what we needed to hear. He did it with such a talent that we didn’t have any other choice than to believe him.

We know for a fact that he used the exact same scheme with at least 1 other customer. We think there are many more. If the same happened to you when dealing with Georgian Bay Homes and Renovations, contact us, we are organizing a big lawsuit against him.


Yes, that is two hundred twenty four thousand six hundred seventeen dollars and 67 cents.

– On August 4, 2022, we signed a contract worth CA$761,500.55 with Glenn Watson and Georgian Bay Homes and Renovations. We provided a deposit through 2 certified checks totalling $224,617.67, as requested by Glenn Watson to begin the work.
– The land clearing work commenced in September 2022.

– In early October 2022, Georgian Bay Homes informed us that they encountered an unexpected water issue on the property and had to stop work for the winter. However, Glenn Watson and his employee Jonathon Morris assured us not to worry, stating that the engineer confirmed the work was done correctly, and they just needed to pause for the winter. We will see later that this was a lie and both Jonathon Morris and Glenn Watson knew it they were lying at that time.

– In March 2023, during a meeting to discuss the continuation of the project, Glenn Watson informed us that we must pay a bill of $40,543.59 for unexpected work that had already been carried out. If we didn’t pay, he would not proceed with building our house.

– He also mentioned that there would be an additional amount of at least $50,000.00 that we needed to pay. The surprise overcharge is totalling at least $90,000.00 more than the initial contract amount. He demanded immediate signature to
confirm the change of order. In order words: We had to pay.

– We pointed out that he violated clause #10 of his own contract, which required him to seek our permission before carrying out any work exceeding $500.00 beyond what is stated in the contract we signed with him.

– In the absence of a valid explanation for undertaking work worth $40,543.59 without our permission, and without any resolution offer on his part, we informed him that we wished to cancel the contract due to the fact that he breached of a fundamental clause.

– We made an offer: We agreed to pay the $40,543.59 even though we disagreed with the fact that he did the work without asking us first, as stipulated in the contract we signed with him. In exchange, we wanted to cancel the contract and sign a new one with new conditions.

– He accepted our offer, and they were supposed to prepare a new contract.

– Approximately 3 weeks later, around the beginning of April 2023, during a new meeting, he said he didn’t know how to terminate a contract, as a situation like this never happened to him before, and he needed to consult his lawyer. We will see later that it appears he never wanted to terminate the contract. We now know that he was just lagging but I was still giving him the benefice of the doubt at that point.

– In early May 2023, despite our numerous settlement requests, we had no updates from anyone, so we hired a lawyer to send a formal demand letter: Glenn Watson must return our initial deposit amount minus the $18,000.00 allocated for work on the land as stated in the contract. Since he did not return our initial deposit within a reasonable time, our offer to pay for the additional work carried out without our permission was no longer valid.

– In the meantime, we had to fire our lawyer due to lack of communication.

– Around June 2023, I contacted the engineering firm hired by Glenn Watson and learned that the work done on the land was poorly executed and required complete redoing.

– Georgian Bay Home’s lawyer seems to refuse direct negotiations with us. Did he even receive a mandate from Glenn Watson to negotiate? We are asking ourselves this question.

– In early July 2023, my wife visited Georgian Bay Holmes’s offices directly to find out what was going on. Why were we not getting any updates? What exactly do they want? Why haven’t they made any settlement offer? Why does he keep our $224,617.67 and does not communicate with us anymore? Where is our money? Is it still safe?

– Glenn Watson promised that we would receive a resolution offer shortly.

– Now we are at the end of July 2022, almost 1 year after I gave a deposit of $224,617.67 to Glenn Watson and his company Georgian Bay Homes to start building our house.

– We will update this page should we receive any new communication from Georgian Bay Homes and Renovations and Glenn Watson. We are in August 2023 and Glenn Watson still have our money, stopped the building work on our house and stopped communicating with us.

More concerning: GLENN WATSON closed his company shortly after we signed a contract with him. This seems to be a fraud scheme.

Just about at the same time where he found out there was an issue with the lot, he closed the company that we signed up with and started a new one the very same day.

He suddenly closed his 5 years old company

And opened a new one the day after. Why do you think?

You can check that information yourself online: https://www.appmybizaccount.gov.on.ca/

Because his first website got bad reviews on Google, he started a few new ones, we think that the reviews are false. We will add ours very soon to set things straight a little. Looks like we are not the only ones, this person tried to warn all of us a few years ago: https://www.yelp.ca/biz/georgian-bay-renovations-midland

Georgian bay homes and renovations

It looks like it were 2 different companies however, it is the exact same one. Two different telephone numbers, same owner: Glenn Watson. We in fact found 4 different websites, 4 different phone numbers but they are all related to this very same company:


We will update this page should there by any new development.

UPDATE AUGUST, 15, 2023: We finally received an email from their lawyer. An official settlement offer may be coming. We really hope to have this solved as soon as possible.

UPDATE AUGUST, 7, 2023: There has been a DMCA complaint filed by the secretary working for Georgian Bay Homes and Glenn Watson for unauthorized used of pictures. Again, instead of contacting us and try to resolve the issue, she wrote a bunch of nonsense to my hosting company to which I will reply here below.

Dear Siteground Support Team,

I trust this message finds you in good health. I’m writing to bring to your immediate attention
serious misconduct associated with the website “georgianbayhomesandrenovations.com“.

I find it quite ironical to see someone who works for a company that keep my $224,617.67 deposit without providing with the work nor communicating with me, accusing me of “misconduct”.

which is currently hosted on your platform. As a concerned citizen of the digital community, it is incumbent upon me to report harmful,unethical, and illegal activities transpiring online. I’ve identified the aforementioned website engaging in activities that not only contravene Siteground, Terms of Service but are also harmful and illegal. These actions include Phishing, Spamming, Intellectual Property Rights Infringement, unauthorized use of personal images, and a slanderous campaign against an individual.

The “concerned citizen” should maybe report her boss to the police for keeping my quarter of a million dollars and not doing the work he promised to do. Or maybe this isn’t concerning enough for her?

The site has been detected sending out deceptive phishing emails, an activity that manipulates innocent people into providing sensitive information under the guise of authentic services. This is a grave security concern and a clear violation of your terms.

Moreover, it is engaged in creating and disseminating unsolicited spam, creating annoyance and potential privacy infringement for the individuals who have unfortunately received these communications.

This is pure and simply 100% lies. And the secretary and Glenn Watson are not even ashamed. But in terms of manipulating innocent people, it looks like she knows exactly what she is talking about.

The website also infringes on Intellectual Property Rights by copying content from other sources without proper permissions or attribution. This is not just a violation of your policies but also potentially a breach of copyright laws. Furthermore, there has been unauthorized use of personal images. The website has been displaying pictures of an individual without their consent, an explicit violation of their privacy and personal rights.

Finally, the site has been running a slanderous campaign against an individual. The content in question is defamatory and could cause significant damage to the reputation and well-being of the individual targeted.

Here is the legal definition of defamation:
Definition. 298 (1) A defamatory libel is matter published, without lawful justification or excuse, that is likely to injure the reputation of any person by exposing him to hatred, contempt or ridicule, or that is designed to insult the person of or concerning whom it is published.

I think that keeping $224,617.67 from my money without providing with the work is a lawful justification for wanting to warn anyone from doing business with Glenn Watson and his company Georgian Bay Homes and Renovations. If we would have read this type of warning, we would NEVER have done business with him in the first place and this terrible situation we are in would have been avoided.

In the light of the above, I sincerely hope that Siteground, known for its high ethical standards and adherence to fair practices, will conduct a thorough investigation into this matter. If these allegations are found to be true, I request you to suspend and delete the server hosting this website to prevent further abuses.

She doesn’t know Siteground but that is exactly how a manipulative person would express herself to obtain a favour.

It is of utmost importance that the Internet remains a place of trust, respect, and lawful activities.

What about making your own business, Georgian Bay Homes a place of trust, respect and lawful activities? That may be a good start.

I trust that Siteground shares this vision and will act accordingly. I am available for further correspondence and to provide any additional information you may require.

We are currently in a legal talk to resolve this claim again us on the website. At no time have we refused payment or talks with the website holder. There are multiple claims on the website that are unturn as I do the administrative work for the company.

Well that appears to be an unshameful lie. You know perfectly well that your boss doesn’t give me back my money. I have had a discussion right in front of you regarding this and you were so afraid that I had recorded the conversation. If you would have discussed with us and tried to find a solution, we wouldn’t be in this situation. We are reasonable people, my wife and I. By the way, still not offering a settlement offer 6 months after we presented you ours, is exactly the same as refusing to discuss.

It would be in the best interest for all parties to have the page removed as he is unlawfully using inaccurate information. 

Again, instead of thinking “Hey, we need to solve the problem with these people, let’s call them and discuss about how we can settle this” Glenn Watson and her secretary at Georgian Bay Homes prefer trying to shut down this website and silence. I’ll let you decide why they behave that way.

Thank you for your swift attention to this matter.

Best Regards,

Melissa Marchand
Office Manager

Georgian Bay Homes and Renovations
3-349 Cranston Cres.
Midland, Ont
L4R 0B8


UPDATE AUGUST, 2, 2023: There has been a comment which I think comes directly from Glenn Watson who clumsily tried to point out what he referred as a “lie”. Funny enough, the lie he pointed out is not that he keeps our money without providing with the work nor offering us any resolution offer but rather that he still has his building licence. Which he still has indeed, for now. You can see the comment at the bottom of this page.

UPDATE AUGUST, 2, 2023: Since this page has been up, the only development is that Glenn Watson tried to buy this domain name for the amount of $1125USD. Instead of giving us our money back, he tried to get this website deleted. He just didn’t know that his purchase offer would be redirected to us. He still has my $224,617.67 deposit and we still haven’t received any resolution offer from him. See the screenshots below.


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11 months ago


shows that he is licensed on the website. so that’s a lie on here.

11 months ago
Reply to  Marco

Following the content I have perused, he persists in disseminating falsehoods.😂
I hope you will obtain justice.
And that he will lose what you have lost!

8 months ago

HI Marco – please reach out to me… we are also in a challenging position with Glen and team and would love to hear more about how we can perhaps team up together. Looking forward to hearing from you.

F & M
F & M
7 months ago

As of November 22, website is down and all office contacts disconnected. Thankfully we are in the final stages of permits after purchasing the Developers Package for $35000. He is indebted to contractors and employees and to us as well as we have had to pay items in the contract that he did not fulfill with the township. We started this in August 2021 and it has been an uphill battle with these people every step of the way. Good riddens.

Rejeanne Lachapelle
Rejeanne Lachapelle
7 months ago

Terrible place to do business took a year to do a small bathroom use only none brand stuff and over charged did not have to move electrical or plumbing. I would not recommend this place to anyone

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